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Annual Preventative Maintenance

Your plumbing appliances and drains are the invisible workhorses of your home or office.  Similar to changing the oil in your car, your appliances need regular maintenance to perform correctly and operate effortlessly.  Speak with Hoffman Plumbing about scheduling preventative maintenance services to keep your appliances, water, and sewer lines maintained.  Well maintained items will work more efficiently and have a longer lifespan than items not maintained.


From initial installation to repairs due to leaks, Hoffman Plumbing offers of variety of services for backflow valves.  In addition to our excellent services, Hoffman Plumbing has certified technicians on staff to perform backflow testing for your home or office.  Our staff will perform the test and submit the report to the appropriate office in a timely manner.


If your shower head leaks after the water is turned off or if your shower drain or bathroom sink drain slowly, allow Hoffman Plumbing to help you.  Our team of professionals are able to repair your bathroom appliances, help you with choosing a replacement, or can unclog your drains.

Camera Inspection and Locate

Pipe damage from tree roots or a pipe break causes large problems.  Hoffman Plumbing has the latest technology and tools to inspect the inside of your pipes and to locate the problematic area with high accuracy.  Our team is able to locate the position of the break or blockage, which removes the guesswork out of knowing where to dig.  We will then collaborate with you to determine the best course of action to remedy the problem.

Clogged Drains

If your sink is draining slowly or backing up, you may have a clog or blockage.  Clogs left untreated will cause a larger problem, mess, and possibly a financial burden in the future.  From slow draining bathroom sinks to spaghetti down the kitchen drain, or main line sewer clean-outs, Hoffman Plumbing is able to remove the clog or blockage and get your plumbing system flowing again.


The appliances in your kitchen work hard for you.  Over time, the buildup of grease, food debris, and mineral deposits from hard water will decrease the effectiveness of your appliances.  If your dishwasher isn’t draining, if water is leaking from your air-gap or garbage disposal, or if your kitchen faucet drips when you turn it off, Hoffman Plumbing can quickly get your appliances working again.


First impressions matter and having a washing machine that works well helps with that.  Allow our team to perform any repairs to your washing machine to keep you and your family looking good.  If your washing machine lines are leaking or if the drain line backs up and overflows, we will quickly respond to your call to unclog your drain, so you are able to do laundry again.

Leak Defense

If you have a vacation home or travel frequently, returning to a flooded home can be emotionally devastating and costly to repair.  If only there was a way to shut off your water automatically.  There is!  Talk with Hoffman Plumbing’s experienced professionals about your options for Leak Defense.  Using modern technology, we are able to provide you options to protect your primary residence, vacation home, or rental properties from damage due to leaking pipes when you are not there to catch a leak early.

Leak Detection

If your water bill is higher than usual and your water usage has been normal, you may have a slow water leak.  Without seeing an area of pooled water outside or under your home, it can be difficult to determine where the leak is located.  Using the best leak detection equipment available, Hoffman Plumbing is able to not only locate your leak but can offer you repair services.  Whereas other companies in the area are unable to offer both leak detection and repair services, call Hoffman Plumbing for your one stop shop.

Natural Gas

Are you looking to convert your electric appliances to natural gas?  Are you looking to add some warmth to your outdoor patio for those cool nights?  Whether you are looking to add natural gas appliances or spruce up your outdoor patio area with a heater and fireplace, Hoffman Plumbing is here to help you pipe natural gas to any location you need.

Outdoor Water Options

Inadequate or frequent use can cause your outdoor hose spigot or water faucet to leak.  Also known as a hose bib, our professional team will be able to either repair or replace your hose bib.  Whether your home is on a slab or foundation, we will have your hose bib working in no time to allow for leak-free use.


As well as repair and replacement, if you would like another hose bib installed, Hoffman Plumbing is here to help you.  Say goodbye to dragging your garden hoses all over the yard! When the need arises to have a water source in your yard, consider the installation of a frost-free yard hydrant.  Yard hydrants will provide you a water source next to gardens, greenhouses, and animal structures (chicken coops, barns, etc).  No more dragging hoses around to water your horses or buckets of water for your chickens!

Pipe Services

Over time, the pipes to your home or office may crack or corrode, leading to partially broken, offset, or collapsed pipes.  When this occurs, allow our team of professionals to assist you with any repair or replacement of your current pipes.  We will respond to your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Recirculation Pumps

Does it take a long time for hot water to warm up your shower, bathtub, or sink?  The installation of a recirculation pump will quickly get hot water to where you need it.  No more waiting for your shower water to warm up.  Call Hoffman Plumbing to speak with a knowledgeable individual about installing a recirculation pump in your home. 


Partner with Hoffman Plumbing before starting your next remodel project.  We will listen to your wishes and ideas and offer practical suggestions and solutions to achieve your dream.  We are experienced in every aspect of remodeling from demolition to finish work.

Sewer Line

Waste removal is a one-way street:  from your home or office to the sewer system.  Gradually, roots may enter your sewer pipes causing a blockage, or your pipes may crack due to natural settling or shifting of the dirt around them or from the growth of tree roots above or below the pipe.  When this happens, waste removal is no longer a one-way street and can affect the drains to your dishwasher, shower, washing machine, faucets, and toilets causing your appliances to slowly drain or backup.  In your time of need, Hoffman Plumbing will respond to your sewer request quickly, to get your waste back on a one-way street.

Sump Pump

Do you have water under your home after flooding or a rainstorm?  Was your home built near wetlands?  Would you like a backup plan in case you have a pipe break under your home that goes unnoticed?  A sump pump is an easy way to avoid costly repairs to your home or business. Hoffman Plumbing can install a sump pump to transport the accumulation of water out from under your home.  Not pumping water out from under your home can lead to extensive damage, repair, and possibly mold.  If you are interested in protecting your most important asset, please call Hoffman Plumbing to discuss options for a sump pump installation.


If your toilet is constantly running, flushing on its own, leaking from the base, or clogged, call Hoffman Plumbing to diagnose and rectify the problem.  There are many components to a toilet and all need to work properly for the toilet to function seamlessly.  If a repair is not a suitable option, we are able to help you with replacing your toilet and offer new toilet installation services.

Water Heaters

Partner with Hoffman Plumbing for all of your water heater needs.  We are able to assist with annual preventative maintenance and repairs of your current water heater, and the installation of a one, if needed.  Talk to our professionals about the benefits of a tankless water heater and to see if your home or business is a good candidate for this particular type of installation.

Water Line

Water, food, and shelter are essential for survival.  At Hoffman Plumbing, we realize the importance of having a clean and consistent water supply.  Cracks and breaks in your pipes interrupt your water supply and can lead to flooding, discolored and contaminated water, or low pressure when you use your faucets.  Standing water in your yard, a green area of vegetation, or evidence of water damage on your walls or ceiling may indicate that you have a water leak.  If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, allow our team to diagnosis your water lines and then provide you with options to fix your water supply. 

Water Testing

Why waste time with home water kits that only provide a color-strip for results?  Obtain accurate water measurements of Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, pH, Total Hardness, and Iron using Hoffman Plumbing’s HI96745 portable photometer.  Results can be obtained while on the job and not only can we make recommendations of how to remedy any water quality issue, but we are also able to install the optimal water system for your family or business.

Winterizing and De-winterizing

When springtime finally arrives in Northern Nevada, you want to plant your flowers and get your garden started.  But your irrigation system is leaking.  Have no fear, Hoffman Plumbing will get you back to your garden in no time.  Not only can we repair your irrigation pipes, but we are also able to provide winterizing and de-winterizing services to prevent any leaks and delays in the future.