To prevent the backflow of water from your home or business to your clean water source, a Backflow Preventor is installed.


The Backflow Preventor uses a system of check valves:  the valves are open when the flow of water is flowing in the right direction, from the clean water source to your home or business.

If the flow of water is reversed, the check valve engages and stops the reverse flow of water, preventing any contaminates from entering the fresh water source. 

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Backflow Repair:

Was your Backflow recently tested but failed?  Is there water leaking from your backflow?  Allow Hoffman Plumbing to diagnose where the leak is coming from and perform any repairs on the unit.  Relying on extensive experience, we will be able to determine the origin of the leak or faulty part and perform the necessary repairs.  Additionally, after the repair, our professional technicians can also perform any testing needed, saving you the hassle of having to call another company.  One less appointment for you to schedule!


Backflow Replacement:

If after making repairs your Backflow still does not pass the annual test, Hoffman Plumbing can assist you in choosing a replacement Backflow that will fit the needs of your home or business.  Not only will the replacement fulfill State and local Backflow requirements, but Hoffman Plumbing will also be able to perform the initial testing of the unit.  That is one less phone call you need to make!

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A real-world example of Backflow: in recent years, there have been two events that not only have stopped the flow of the Mississippi River, but have caused the River to reverse directions and flow backwards:  2005 after Hurricane Katrina and 2012 after Hurricane Isaac.

Your Home or Business
Streams, lakes, and smaller rivers (fresh water)
City or well water (fresh water)
Combination of Source(s) into one large body of water
From the Source(s) to smaller water pipes
Water Output
Into the Gulf of Mexico (salt water)
Water for use for faucets, toilets, etc (eventually grey water)

Now, if either the flow of the Mississippi River or your home or business is reversed, there is the potential to have salt water or grey water moving toward your fresh water source, tainting your water source.  The flow of water needs to remain going in a one-way direction, but there can be disruptions in the water pressure that cause the water to reverse flow, or backflow.  With the Mississippi, the disruptions are catastrophic events; with your home or business, the disruptions in water pressure can be caused by a break in your water main or by the local fire department putting out a fire.

Hoffman Plumbing offers Backflow services from annual testing to installation or repairs.  Our professional and certified technicians can assist you with Backflow testing, any repairs, and the installation of a new unit.  Hoffman Plumbing is your one-stop shop as we have the ability to test, provide certification, repair leaks, and perform the installation of a new Backflow unit.


Backflow Annual Testing:

State NAC 445A – Water Controls (NAC: CHAPTER 445A - WATER CONTROLS ( and County Backflow policies (GARDNERVILLE WATER COMPANY BACKFLOW POLICY 2019, Root Entry ( and Cross-Connection Control Program | Lyon County, NV - Official Website ( | Incline Village General Improvement District - IVGID - Incline Village, Crystal Bay, Lake Tahoe (, Part II Engineering Design Criteria and Improvement Standards 2018 Full.pdf ( require that Backflows be tested annually.  If your home or business has a Backflow and you live in Carson, Douglas, Lyon, Storey, or Washoe Counties, you receive notification in the mail regarding when your Backflow testing is due.  As the home or business owner, it is your responsibility to schedule the annual testing.  Failure to comply with performing the Backflow testing could ultimately lead to your water being shut off. 


When you receive your Backflow testing notification, call Hoffman Plumbing, and allow us to ease your mind.  Having served Northern Nevada for more than 50 years, we are familiar with the State and County policies and our certified professionals will ensure that your Backflow testing is performed correctly.  We can even work with you to schedule your next annual testing, so we are in your calendar before you receive the testing notification.  One less thing for you to worry about!