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Plumbing and Water Heaters in Hidden Valley, NV

Lots of things can go wrong with any type of building, whether it is your home or business. However, some issues take higher priority than others. Plumbing emergencies are at the top of the list because water is a must-have for critical daily activities. For example, if your bathroom isn’t functional due to a clogged toilet, you may have to temporarily close your business or move your family until repairs are made. 

The experts at Hoffman Plumbing understand the urgency of plumbing emergencies and we have the experience necessary to solve your problem fast. Our priority is your health and safety and we are committed to completing emergency repairs quickly at a fair price. 

50 Year Anniversary

Emergency Plumbing Services 

Many Hidden Valley plumbers limit their scope to certain types of buildings or certain types of plumbing repairs. At Hoffman Plumbing, we do it all. Broken, leaking or collapsed pipes? We can help. Cracked water main? Drain rooter services? Repair or replacement of water heaters in Hidden Valley? We do that, too. More importantly, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you don’t have to wait when your plumbing fails. 

Prevention and Maintenance 

Some emergencies can’t be prevented. Accidents or extreme weather events can damage pipes without any warning. However, regular maintenance can reduce or eliminate plumbing failures related to normal wear and tear. 

Your plumbing system goes through a lot each day as it brings fresh water into your home or business and removes the wastewater. Food scraps, residue from soaps and detergents and mineral deposits from hard water all reduce the efficiency of your plumbing fixtures, pipes, drains and appliances. Hoffman Plumbing offers a menu of prevention and maintenance services to optimize your plumbing system and minimize the risk of an emergency. 

Water Heater Installation and Repair 

One of the biggest components of your plumbing system is your water heater. Small changes in your water can signal that your water heater needs repair. For example, an unpleasant odor, a change in water pressure or leaks from the water heater tank are signs that it is time to bring in an expert. 

In serious situations, something goes wrong and you can find yourself without any hot water at all. Locating a plumber to replace Hidden Valley water heaters quickly can be challenging, but Hoffman Plumbing makes your hot water needs a priority. Most installations can be done in just three hours, so your family or your business doesn’t experience a lengthy disruption. 

Hoffman Plumbing: Serving Hidden Valley, NV for More Than 50 Years 

Plumber Fixing Sink
"Couldn't have had an easier plumbing experience!  I contacted Hoffman Plumber via YELP, scheduled the appointment and Richie came out and did the job! Great customer service.  Easy way to get billed and pay electronically.  Have gotten a quote from them for a more difficult job.  Looks like I will schedule them to come back to tackle a toilet replacement need. I am a happy customer!"
"I looked for a better alternative to Roto- rooters, which I had used before and became very expensive. Huffman and Plumbing had good reviews so I decided to try this Company. I am very satisfied with the service I received, and will use them again.
They charged me no extra fees , and I got the pipe unclogged. The personnel at the main office (specially Lisa) were excellent as well."

A quick search for “plumbers near me” brings up a long list of plumbers in Hidden Valley, Carson City, Gardnerville, Lake Tahoe, Reno, and Sparks NV. However, that doesn’t mean they have the experience and expertise to complete your project properly. The professionals at Hoffman Plumbing have the skills needed to install, repair or replace every component of your plumbing system. 

You can rely on us to provide prompt, friendly service at a fair price, whether you need a dumpster rental, have a burst pipe or clogged toilet, or standing in several inches of water. Contact Hoffman Plumbing today. 

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