Why waste time with home water kits that only provide a color-strip for results?  

Obtain accurate water measurements of Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, pH, Total Hardness, and Iron using Hoffman Plumbing’s HI96745 portable photometer.  


Results can be obtained while on the job and not only can we make recommendations of how to remedy any water quality issue, but we are also able to install the optimal water system for your family or business.

Testing Parameter
Why to Test
How to Remedy
Chlorine is used to disinfect your water. The lower the pH, the more effective the Chlorine solution.
Carbon filter
As the pH of your water increases, the Chlorine solution becomes less effective
For Acidic areas:  Neutralizing filters, or injection of sodium hydroxide
For Alkaline areas: acid injection
The presence of Calcium and Magnesium leads to scaling of your heating and cooling system pipes, cloudy dishes, and brown/reddish stains in your toilet bowl.
Water softening and RO system
The presence of Iron may be an indication of corrosion in your pipes, stains on your plumbing fixtures and sinks, and can cause an unpleasant, metallic,  taste of your water.
Water softener or iron filter