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Water Leak Defense

Most of the water pipes in your home or office are hidden from plain sight either behind walls or under the floor.  If you have a water pipe break or leak, how do you know if you are unable to physically see the break or leak?  Leaks may go unnoticed and undetected for days or even weeks, causing costly damage to your home or office.


According to information compiled by the Insurance Information Institute* in 2018, water damage and freezing lead to:

  • 23.8% of insurance claims

  • An average loss of $10,849

  • 1 out of every 50 homes where impacted


Using Leak Defense System’s modern technology, Hoffman Plumbing is able to provide you options to protect your primary residence, vacation home, or rental and commercial properties from water damage, even if you are not there.  You can rest assured by allowing technology to monitor your water usage and automatically shut off water if a leak is detected.

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Protect Your Investment from Water Damage

Mae Zedong suggested that the only real defense is an active defense, and nothing is truer when it comes to your primary residence, vacation home, or rental and commercial property.  Why be a victim of water damage? 


Talk with Hoffman Plumbing today about an active defensive for leaking water.

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior

Primary Residence


Imagine returning home from a relaxing vacation to find your home partially flooded due to a water leak.  Flooring, walls, cabinets, and furniture can be replaced, but your family photographs, hard drives, and family heirlooms could be permanently damaged.  


Installing a Leak Defense System in your home can prevent this headache and heartbreak from happening.  The system will shut off the water to your home upon the detection of the leak.  Instead of having a LARGE issue on your hands to repair the flood damage, you would only need to have the break repaired.

Lakeside House

Vacation Homes


Your vacation or secondary home may only be used a few times a year.  A broken water pipe could flood your vacation home without you knowing.  


Protect your investment by installing a Leak Defense System.  The system can be set to automatically shut off the water when your vacation home is not being used, sparing your home and checkbook.  

Lighting Store

Rental or Commercial Properties


Instead of relying on tenants to recognize a leak, you will be able to monitor your rental or commercial properties from the ease of your smartphone.  


If prolonged water flow is occurring at 3am or if the building or unit is empty, you can remotely stop the water flow.  


Not only will the installation of a Leak Defense System allow your rental or commercial property to be protected from flooding but will also spare you the loss of rental income due to repairs.  

Here at Hoffman Plumbing, we are a family-owned business that has serviced the local community for over 55 years. Our licensed, bonded and insured plumbers in Carson City, Gardnerville, Lake Tahoe, Reno, and Sparks NV have been given our rigid trust certification to ensure you can rely on us for all of your leak defense needs - because integrity is something that means a lot to us!

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