Are you wondering why your water bill is higher than expected?  Do you sometimes hear water running but do not know why?  Has an area near your home recently become damp or is a patch of your grass greener than other areas?  If you have asked yourself these questions, you may have a water leak.  Without seeing water shooting out of a pipe, it can be difficult to determine the location of the leak, especially when underground and beneath a hard surface such as concrete or pavers.  If left untreated, the leak can cause costly damage to your home or office

Full Service Leak Detection & Plumbing Repairs

Using industry leading acoustic leak detection equipment, Hoffman Plumbing will not only be able to locate your leak but is fully qualified to make any plumbing repair needed.  While other companies only offer leak detection, call Hoffman Plumbing is your "one stop shop" for leak detection and plumbing repair services.

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Did you Know?

  • A crack in your irrigation pipe of 1/32nd inch, the width of a dime, can waste about 6,300 gallons of water per month.

  • 10% of homes have leaks that waste more than 90 gallons of water per day.

Source: EPA Leak Facts | WaterSense | US EPA):

How It Works

Water leaking out of pipes not only causes a sound (similar to a hiss) but also a vibration of the pipe.  The vibration can be detected in both longitudinal and latitudinal directions. The longitudinal vibrations are used to determine the approximate area of the leak.  Once the approximate area is determined, the latitudinal vibrations are used to pin-point the exact location of the leak.  Using acoustic vibrations, your leak will be found with both precision and accuracy.    


Where Can Leaks be Detected?

Hoffman Plumbing is able to locate leaks under multiple surfaces and within various structures.  These locations include:

  • Under paved surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, brick, and pavers.

  • Under unpaved surfaces, such as gravel, dirt, and grass.

  • Homes and offices built on a slab.


Using pin-point precision and accuracy, you will save time, money, and reduce repair costs by knowing EXACTLY where the water leak is located.